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Kegley, Inc. - Building Value

From building, designing, to repairs or renovations, no project is too big or small.

The traditional design-bid-build involves finding the least expensive architect who has the least expensive support design engineers who then find the least expensive general contractor who uses the least expensive sub-trades to build a project. This process is optimized to lowest failure. It has been a breeding ground for lawsuits for decades due to inevitable cost overruns, redesigns to fit budgets and change orders. To avoid this merriment of challenges, government entities and the private sector have been turning to design build.

There are many variables in building a new facility. The location and design play a big role in the functionality as well as the financial feasibility of the facility. The design-build delivery system streamlines the process of building a functional facility on a set budget. In the beginning of the design-build process, owners work with a realtor to find the location.

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