The PEARLS Program – Because every Girl deserves to know she is a Pearl of Great Value

The PEARLS Program –  Because every Girl  deserves to know  she is a Pearl of Great Value

The vision of PEARLS—also called Girls Court—is to invest in teen girls who are placed in Foster Care, helping them value their whole selves and their inherent strengths and providing them opportunities to develop their potential to lead healthy, educated, and successful lives.  Our goal is to enable these girls to become accomplished women, role models, and leaders, creating positive change and breaking the cycle of limitations that have challenged their families and our communities.

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We know that empowering and building on girls’ strengths now will help prevent them from becoming teen parents, dropping out from school, entering the criminal justice system, and facing domestic abuse.  We also know that strengthening  PEARLS 2 these special girls’ resiliency and providing them constructive opportunities in a mentored format will greatly heighten their chances of building positive outcomes for themselves as they age out of Foster Care and grow into adulthood.

Every one of these girls has experienced trauma.  And through the lens of trauma-informed care, we recognize that every girl’s response to a traumatic event is unique and effects behavior.  Many of those behaviors appear on the surface to be non-productive, but we now know that these behaviors were learned and enable these girls to survive in the past, and often continue to help them address their current environment.  With that in mind, and knowing we must assist these girls in transforming their behaviors into productive adult conduct, our goal is to emphasize the resiliency, reduce the shame, and engender hope in each girl.  PEARLS /Girls Court is designed to address the whole-girl in the context within which she lives and the influences that shape her life.

PEARLS /Girls Court introduces girls to new experiences with positive and inspirational role models. The girls can explore education, recreation, and civic action. They meet healthy women in a variety of roles, focus on their strengths, set new goals, discover interests and abilities they never knew possible make the changes needed to complete each grade on time, and model healthy decision making with peers.

PEARLS /Girls Court will provide a comprehensive continuum of gender-responsive services to address the following areas:

  • Trauma
  • Life-skills training
  • Alternative education and vocational training
  • Mental health treatment
  • Domestic violence prevention
  • Teen pregnancy prevention
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Mentoring and strengthening families
  • Resiliency and self-esteem building

Thus, the positive characteristics and behaviors PEARLS develops are:






Strength and Stamina

Our first set of PEARLS Girls will start April 2nd!!
If anyone would be willing to mentor, plan programs or serve as a speaker, they can contact me directly at<>.

If anyone would be willing to donate the cost of food for a PEARLS meeting ($150), they should contact Barbara Schafer at<>.

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  1. Patty says:

    Hi. I’d like to volunteer or donate to your charity. What are the needs?

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