PDA: Pathetic Duffer’s Association

PDA: Pathetic Duffer’s Association

This year the PDA is celebrating it’s 35 year Anniversary.  Our current president is Edgar Garcia who is an attorney who specializes in Construction Law.  Most of the members of the PDA group are in Construction like Anita Kegley, General Contractor, and Charles Gates, Architect.  There are a few other people in the medical and other associated industries.  Every Monday during the Time Change season, this group plays at a selection of Municipal and other public courses.

Weekly Tournament & Skins Game

We will play a Weekly Tournament and a Skins Game by Flight: A, B & C.

Tee Times:  PDA tee times are reserved from 4 p.m. till 5:00 p.m.  For anyone wanting to tee off before 4 p.m., you should reserve a tee time. You will be charged the course rate for 9 or 18 holes depending on how many holes you choose to play.

Special Events

Two-Man Scramble:

August 24th at Republic. Players from any flight may team up. The Team handicap will be made up of 50% of the lower handicap and 25% of the higher handicap of each player.  You must play with another PDA Two-Man team to validate your score or let me know in advance why you can’t.

Year-End Tournament:

October 19th and 26th at Willow & Brackenridge, respectively.  A player must have participated in a minimum of fourteen (14) rounds during the season to be eligible.



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  1. sam neal says:

    Need a schedule of course locations and dates.Don”t be fearful of my game, it”s certified Pathetic.
    Hit them straight

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